Dear friends who identify as women,

I believe in the women's bodies & the stories they hold. I am asking women from all over the world to send in a piece of writing (whatever length, language and form you chose) about the History of Your Body.

I have been thinking about this topic for many years... I started by asking my own mom and sister to write the histories of their bodies and then we shared them with each other. It was fascinating and so so therapeutic! Years later, during my Fulbright I did the same exercise with a multi-generational group of Nepali women. Ultimately, it was exhibited at Siddhartha Art Gallery (you can see more about that here).

From your submissions, I will select short quotations to incorporate in artworks I am currently creating, keeping the original authors anonymous. I will keep you updated on the process as I make the work so you can watch your writings be turned into a work of art. If you need more suggestions about what to write I have included prompts at the bottom of this web page.


What is the History of Your Body?

Name (not required)
Name (not required)

Writing prompts for History of my Body:

- timeline of your body at different ages throughout your life (describe 8 year old you, 16 year old you, 73 year old you, etc.)

- first period, first sexual experience, first moment of reckoning with your body, first pregnancy, first illness

- how do you experience your body? engage with it? push it? love it? hate it? describe it?

- recount a momentous happening in the history of your body

- describe a body part and all that it holds for you

- write generally, in whatever form you chose (haiku, essay, short story, etc)