I am multi-disciplinary. 

I am a performance artist, I am a visual artist.

I work every day, for long hours, trying to figure it out. 

I only know afterwards what it was.

My experiences of collaboration, foreignness, and self-transformation informing my next action of creation.

I act through the medium.

My techniques, movements and messages are housed within narratives, materials, bodies, environments. 

I work with an unspectacular template: slow, repetitive, cyclical. 

I make sculpture: playful, social, reactive, interactive, improvisational. 

I listen with the body.

I am a researcher, a scholar of people and place. 

I create art as a social practice: an act of slowness, consciousness, awareness, silence.

I engage community, demand more from community, love community.

I connect with elders to connect to the past, to connect to my future.

My work is for my aunts, my great-grandmothers and my own mother. 

My work as an artist and my life are intertwined.

I express my emotions, my politics, my dreams, my empathy.

My work is quiet rebellion.

My process is the practice.

Being an artist is cyclical.

Being an artist is sacrifice.

Being an artist is searching.

I believe in art.

I believe in the artist.

I believe in community.

-Ryan Elisabeth Reid, 2018